Help us get this game produced!

Before you donate and get the game, you can learn exactly about what's in the game box. We list all the contents here for you because we want all of our supporters to realize the value of this game. All the contents are of the highest quality material. We pay special attention to all the details and we want every family that gets the Holy Quest board game to be fully satisfied with their investment. You are not just buying another game or gift for your kids, you are investing into something that will help build the faith in them; and that is priceless.

The Pawns

There are 16 pawns, or rather saints in this game. Meet your pawns - it's personal.

The Dice

See the special choice of dice we made for this game.

The Cards

The Holy Quest board game has three types of cards. Learn all about what they are.

The Board

See our board up close. The design is absolutely gorgeous and this large-size board is sure to keep kids coming back for more play time.

The Rules Booklet

The rules booklet is a beautifully designed and handcrafted laminated and durable addition. At first, the rules may seem overwhelming, but the game is very simple and quick to learn.

The Religious Orders Booklet

This special booklet is just for informational and educational purposes. We include this booklet so that all the players can learn a little more about religious orders, life and the many great saints who belonged to these religious orders.