Help us get this game produced!

Traditio Designs has developed this new board game which is a Catholic educational and entertaining game for the whole family. The development stage is nearly completed with some minor updates being made. But we need financial help to produce the game and make it available. There are two ways you can help us. You can spread the word by promoting our new board game on social media platforms. We encourage anyone who has a podcast, radio channel, blog and other means to reach a great audience, to help us spread the word. If you wish to promote the Holy Quest game, please visit our Promote page.

The other way you can help us is to donate to our fundraiser. You can donate and be in the first group of people who will receive the game, or you can simply support this project with your donation and contribute to the salvation of the souls of countless children. Either way, you will be doing the work of God by helping and supporting this great project. You can also do both by promoting and donating.

Promote This Game

If you are a podcaster, radio channel host or a publisher, you can help us get the word out into the Catholic community. We can make arrangements and have the president of Traditio Designs appear on your show or you can just do a show about the game. Contact us for any additional information you would like to get or browse this website to get all the info you need. If you are a journalist or a writer, consider writing an article about this game and promote it that way. We encourage anyone with a big audience to get involved.

Donate and support the Game

You can support this game by donating to our campaign. Your donation can actually be a purchase of the very first Limited Edition of this great game. We are running this campaign with a goal in order to get this game into production. Anyone who donates $120 or more qualifies for the game. You still have to register afterwards to be placed on a list of first recipients of the limited edition first production run. Others will have to wait a bit longer, but every donor who wishes to get the Limited Edition of the game at this time will be honored. No one will be left out. This campaign will also help us finance other games currently in development. May God bless all of our donors.

Register for the game

In order to get the game, you have to make a donation of $120. Once you make a donation, you have to register for the game and send us your information so that we can place you on the list of customer donors who will receive the game once the fundraiser campaign closes.