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General Questions

What is the Holy Quest?+The Holy Quest is a new Catholic board game developed by Traditio Designs, LLC. The game is set to revolutionize the Catholic board game industry by introducing many new ideas such as personalized pawns, action tiles and multiple ways to play the game including team play. The versatility of the features makes the game seem different and fresh each time you play. Is the game suitable for adults?+The Holy Quest board game is for 2 to 4 players. This game is fun for all age groups, although the best way to enjoy the game is to mix adults with children. Usually parents or even grandparents can play with the kids and the adults would be the ones to read the saint cards or ask questions from them. The game is also recommended for teenagers or children over 10 to play by themselves. This is the type of game that kids will come to their parents asking to play it. What age group is this game for?+The game is suitable for children from the age of 5 and older. With younger children adult supervision is highly recommended. Children 8 and older can usually play by themselves but the game is entertaining for the entire family so both parents and grandparents can participate with the kids. How big is the board for this game?+Our game board is a generous 23" x 23". The board is folded into four to fit in the box. What is the Limited Edition (LE) of the game?+Our first production run will be an LE version of the game numbered from 0001 to 1000. It will include a numbered certificate of ownership and the box will be numbered making the game much more valuable. The LE version will also include 16 additional saints with cards and pawns that the regular version will not have. Please visit the LE page to learn more. The LE version will be only available to the first 1000 donors so please let your friends know.

Supporting This Game Questions

How can I get this game?+The Holy Quest board game is still in development. You can check our news section for the latest updates. The only way to get this game right now is to support our donation campaign. All of our donors who donate at least $120 USD can opt to get the game for your donation as soon as the game is available. Please register right after you make your donation so we can place you on our list. Not all donors may want the game so special requirements have to be met. Please go to our donation campaign to learn more. I live outside of the United States, can I get this game?+Yes, we are making this game available across the world. However, in order to get the game right now outside of the USA, your donation to our fundraiser campaign has to include shipping so you must donate at least $160 USD. Your donation will cover production, packaging, shipping and insurance. You will also have to pay any duty or taxes imposed by your country which are outside of our jurisdiction and we are not responsible for them. When we print your shipping label we will declare the game value and it is up to your country to handle any fees you may incur. Why are you asking for donations?+Traditio Designs is a family-owned company and it does not have enough funding to launch the game. Without people's support it will not be possible for us to produce this great game. However, your donation is really a purchase of the Limited Edition of the product at this price. Of course, we hope you can donate more than the minimum we need to get you the game because that will not only make this game possible, but will also contribute to production of other great games we have already started working on. In addition to getting the game, your donation will contribute to thousands of children strengthening their Catholic faith and as a result saving their souls. How much should I donate?+If you like this project and want to see the game reach many children and families, we ask you to support it with your donation. We ask that you give as little as $5 or as much as you wish. The minimum donation of $120 entitles you to a Limited Edition of the game at this price. Any multiple of $120 will entitle you to additional copies of the game. There is a limit of 3 games per donor so even if you donate over $360 you are still entitled to only 3 copies and the remainder of your donation will go toward other game development. Please check our Other Games section for more info. International supporters have to donate at least $160 USD if they wish to get the Limited Edition of the game at this time. Is my donation tax deductible?+Unfortunately we are not a not for profit organization. You can't deduct any donation to our project from your taxes. In fact, anyone who donates and gets the game, it should be treated more like a purchase of the product. When will this game become available?+Our Goal is to make the first production run in time for Christmas 2024. That, however, will depend on our fundraiser campaign and if we reach our minimum goal. Our campaign will run as long as necessary to make the game possible. What if you don't reach your fundraiser goal?+Our campaign will run until we reach our goal. The length of time will be determined by how much exposure we get and how generous people are. Since this is one of the best Catholic board games, we do not anticipate much difficulty in reaching our goal once the word gets out. Why is this game so expensive?+Actually, good board games can range anywhere from $50 to well over $200. We are offering a LE version of the game to our initial donors at the price of $120 which covers production, packaging and shipping in the US. International donors will have to pay more for shipping so their donation has to be a minimum of $160. This price reflects several things such the highest quality of materials we use and the LE edition of the game. Because our production process is in the USA and we do not outsource much of the production to third parties, the cost of production is much higher. We think that the value of this game for your children is well worth the price you will pay as compared to other games in the same genre. I would like to promote this game, what's in it for me?+We are glad you asked. If you have a prominent presence on social media, a popular blog or some other means of reaching Catholics, we welcome your support. Please contact us via our Promote page and we will reach out to you. If we like what you have to offer, we will provide you with a special link to our fundraiser which you can post or advertise. Any donors to our campaign who use your link will generate income for you as we will give back 10% of all those donations back to you.

Gameplay questions

How many players is this game for?+The Holy Quest board game is for 2 to 4 players. However, the game has two ways of teamwork play in which case more players are allowed so no one is left out. How long does it take to complete the game?+The length of time required to complete the game differs depending on the way the game is played. There are several ways to play the game in both standard and advanced mode. The shortest amount of time to play the game in its simplest mode is approximately 30 to 45 minutes. In advanced mode it usually takes an additional 20 to 30 minutes. When action tiles are used along with clue and direction cards, the game may last even 2 hours. What are the contents of the box?+You can read all about the contents by going to our What's in the Box page. But to give you a quick list, the game comes with the board, two dice, 16 personalized saint pawns, rules booklet and 47 cards of different types. Will my kids get bored with this game?+While each child is different we think that this game will quickly become a favorite in most Catholic families. There are two main reasons for that. First, the artwork is beautiful and very appealing. That's because we used real photographs from real churches especially to represent the saints in the game. That is very important because children can recall seeing stained glass windows from the church they attend, although that is becoming scarcer these days. Secondly, because the game has several ways to play, it feels fresh and different each time you play. The game was developed specifically with this in mind so that kids do not get bored with it.