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The game of the Holy Quest comes with two dice. However, most of game play is done with one die. There are special situations in the game where a second die is required and players have to roll both dice. Read the rules for the game to learn when and how both dice are used.

We wanted the dice to match the design and theme of the game. Since we use our iconic design components that have a golden overtone, it made a lot of sense to use golden dice. But the price of real gold is so expensive these days that we had to settle for the next best thing. So we have chosen dice made of brass that are metallic and reminiscent of real gold. Why do we use gold? Because it is the material and color God Himself has chosen. When Moses received the instructions on how to create the Ark of the Covenant, real gold was used. Since we always want to give God the best for His glory, we also like to use materials that are at least similar to what God prescribed. So the dice we use in this game are golden and they seem to be the best fit for this game. Enjoy rolling those dice and may the best Saint win.