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This is where we are listing all the places on the web where you can hear and read about the Holy Quest game. Whenever the Holy Quest game will be mentioned on Podacts and articles, we will be listing them here so you can find out what others say about the game.

Miracle Hunter (Michael O'Neill) interviews Matt Lorens about the new Catholic board games from Traditio Designs - an EWTN Radio interview.
Matt Lorens answers questions about the new Catholic board games, especially the Holy Quest new game that is scheduled for release at the end of 2024. Forward the interview to minute 36 if you wish to just hear Matt Lorens' interview.

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Matt Lorens - an article on the "and Then There Were None" website by Abby Johnson
The story of Matt Lorens, the designer of the Holy Quest, and how he came to become a Catholic artist and board game designer.

An Inside Look at Planned Parenthood: A Former Employee Shares His Story - Politely Rude With Abby Johnson Podcast
Matt Lorens, the designer of the Holy Quest game gets interviewed on Abby Johnson's podcast. They talk about his journey from being an IT professional at PPFA, through his conversion and transition into becoming a Catholic artist promoting the faith even through board games.

Catholic Graphic Designer's Resolution to Leave Planned Parenthood Opens Door to Creating Sacred Art - an Article on the EWTN's NCR
An article talking about Matt Lorens' past and mentioning the new Holy Quest board game.