Help us get this game produced!

The Holy Quest LE is the Limited Edition of this great game. This LE version of the game will be available only to the first 1000 donors. We will produce only 1000 copies of the LE version and ship it out to our initial donors.

What is different about the LE version?

The Limited Edition of the game is a numbered version of the game. The game will include a NUMBERED certificate of ownership of the game. Games will be numbered from 0001 to 1000. The same matching number will be shown on the bottom of the box and will match the certificate. This will add a lot of value to the game in case anyone wishes to re-sell the game at a later time. Because there will be only 1000 numbered copies made in the first edition of the game, it will make the game worth much more than the initial price. Also, because this game is really one of the best Catholic board games of all time, it will quickly become very popular among Catholic families.

In addition to the 16 saints inluded with the standard game, the LE version will include 16 additional saints not available in the standard version. The LE version will have a total of 32 saints which means there will be 16 additional Saint cards and 16 additional pawns giving players many more choices to select from when playing the game. The game has four color-coded religious orders, each with 4 saints per order. In the LE version of the game there will be eight saints per religious order. Now, players will be able to choose any four saints out of the eight they have to play the game. This also means that players can pick a different combination of saints every time they play making the game even more interesting.

LE version saints.


St. Padre Pio cardSt. Padre Pio
(1887 - 1968) - A Capucin monk and a great saint of the 20th century who performed many miracles. Bearer of the stigmata. Known as a patron saint of stress release.

St. Isabel cardSt. Isabel of Portugal
(1271 - 1336) - Also known as Elizabeth of Portugal and Peacemaker, she is known as the patron saint of difficult marriages, widows and peace making.

St. Maximilian cardSt. Maximilian Kolbe
(1894 - 1941) - Died during World War II in Auschwitz. Known as the patron saint of adicts, imprisoned and pro-life movement.

St. Thomas More cardSt. Thomas More
(1478 - 1535) - Beheaded for the faith, he is a patron saint of lawyers, difficult marriages and adopted children.


St. Teresa of the Cross cardSt. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
(1891 - 1942) - Born to a Jewish family, died during World War II in Auschwitz. Known as a ptron saint of martyrs, converts and death of parents.

St. Teresa of the Andes cardSt. Teresa of the Andes
(1900 - 1920) - Devoted to Christ from a very young age she is a patron saint of young people and sickness.

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity cardSt. Elizabeth of the Trinity
(1880 - 1906) - Known as the patron saint of many sicknesses and ills.

St. Albert of Jerusalem cardSt. Albert of Jerusalem
(1149 - 1215) - His Rule has been adopted by the Carmelite Order. St. Albert was stabbed to death in a church.


St. Isaac Jogues cardSt. Isaac Jogues
(1607 - 1646) - A great missionary in eastern North America. He was martyred eventually and killed by a tomahawk to the head by the Mohawks.

St. Francis Xavier cardSt. Francis Xavier
(1506 - 1552) - Also known as the Apostle of the Far East, he was a successful missionary baptizing over 40000 converts.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga cardSt. Aloysius Gonzaga
(1568 - 1591) - Patron saint of young people, teenagers and he personally knew St. Charles Borromeo and St. Robert Belarmine.

St. John Berchmans cardSt. John Berchmans
(1599 - 1621) - Died very young only at the age of 22 he is a patron saint of young people and altar servers.


St. Hyacinth of Poland cardSt. Hyacinth of Poland
(1185 - 1257) - Known as Apostle of the North and patron saint against drowning.

St. John of Cologne cardSt. John of Cologne
(early 16th century - 1572) - Martyred by hanging and known as a patron saint of prisoners, martyrs and imprisoned priests.

St. Thomas Aquinas cardSt. Thomas Aquinas
(1225 - 1274) - Doctor of the Church and known as patron saint of theologians, students, schools and universities.

St. Vincent Ferrer cardSt. Vincent Ferrer
(1350 - 1419) - Known as the Angel of the Judgement and patron saint of builders and orphanages.