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The Holy Quest board game has three types of cards in the game. There is one two-sided direction card. There are 3 sets of 10 clue or action cards and there are 16 saint info cards. There is an area on the board for placement of different cards to be used in the game. The cards are beautifully designed by our lead designer, Matt Lorens and every card is laminated for protection. Every single card is produced of sturdy material and protected with UV coating and lamination and that is one of the things that makes our game special. We do settle for the cheapest material and we do not cut corners in producing our games.

The Direction Card

Direction Card

There is only one two-sided direction card. It only serves one purpose and that is to show in which direction players should move on the board. At the start of the game, all players move in the clockwise direction so the direction card is placed on the board pointing in that direction with a blue arrow facing up. There are special clue cards that when used, will alter the direction of movement on the board. The direction may change several times between clockwise and counterclockwise during one game. While in the counterclockwise mode, the direction card is flipped to show the red arrow pointing in the opposite direction.

This change may be beneficial for some players or may completely mess up their progress depending on where their saint pawns are on the board. This innovative addition to the game play makes the game more challenging. If everyone agrees before the game starts not to use the direction card, it may be excluded for a simpler and faster way to finish the game.

Clue (Action) Cards

Clue Card Front Clue Card Back

There are 10 clue cards numbered from 1 to 10 and there are three sets of them for a total of 30 cards. The clue cards all have the same back with the game logo. Before the game begins this deck of cards has to be shuffled and placed on the clue card area on the board. Whenever any saint pawn lands on a card action tile, the player must pick the top clue card and perform the action stated on the card. These actions may work in favor or against the player. Once the action is performed, the clue card is placed at the bottom of the clue card stack and the game continues.

Saint Info Cards

Saint info cards have a beautiful stained glass image of each saint on the front. The back of each saint card has information on each saint including birth, death, patronage, feast day and some other important information on the life of the saint. These cards can be either read aloud during game play to teach about the saint, or questions based on the card information may be asked to make the game more fun. Answering the question right allows player to advance in the game. Getting a wrong answer calls for a penalty.

The Franciscans

There are four saints in the Franciscan order. St. Francis of Assisi is the Captain of the Franciscans. The St. Francis saint pawn is marked with a "C".

The Carmelites

There are four saints in the Carmelite order. St. Simon Stock is the Captain of the Carmelites. The St. Simon saint pawn is marked with a "C".

The Jesuits

There are four saints in the Jesuit order. St. Ignatius is the Captain of the Jesuits. The St. Ignatius saint pawn is marked with a "C".

The Dominicans

There are four saints in the Dominican order. St. Dominic is the Captain of the Dominicans. The St. Dominic saint pawn is marked with a "C".