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Traditio Designs opens a fundraising campaign

press release | January 14, 2024

Today, Traditio Designs created and published its fundraising campaign for the Holy Quest board game. We do not expect any donors until we publicize the campaign in the Catholic circles. An article on the EWTN's NCR will also announce and link to the campaign.

Matt Lorens, President of Traditio Designs, is very optimistic and thinks the campaign will be a great success. "I think this game is so unique and different from all other Catholic games on the market, we should have no trouble raising the money needed to produce the game. I think the game fills a void in this industry and will be very appealing to most Catholic families, especially homeschoolers. It has great value and is worth the investment, especially when it comes to the salvation of souls of your kids" said Lorens.

Launching this game is a great effort, and we thank all those who will support us. We also pray for God's blessings for all those who donate to this project even if they don't want the game.