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President of Traditio Designs interviewed by EWTN's NCR writer for an article

press release | January 02, 2024

Matt Lorens, President and CEO of Traditio Designs, LLC, a family owned company, was interviewed by an NCR (National Catholic Register) writer, Judy Roberts. While the article focuses on Matt's past as an IT professional working at the headquarters of Planned Parenthood as a young man and his journey to becoming a traditional and faithful Catholic, the article also mentions the new Holy Quest board game.

The article gives much attention to Lorens' past and his journey to becoming a Catholic with a much stronger faith. It mentions his company, Traditio Designs and what it's all about, but the article also gives some attention to the game of the Holy Quest for which we are very grateful. The online version of the article will also have a link to our fundraiser page so we hope it will help us raise the money needed to produce this game.

As of this release, the article has not been published yet, but we are told it will most likely run on the National Catholic Register's website in February.