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An idea is born - A new Catholic board game is about to enter the market.

press release | January 01, 2024

Around Christmas time 2023, Matt Lorens, President and CEO of Traditio Designs, LLC, had an idea about a new Catholic board game. He has been a designer and a developer working in the IT industry most of his professional life. But at the end of 2023 he decided to use his IT skills and make his idea come to life.

Lorens started working on a different family game called "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart Memory Game" many years ago. But due to lack of funding and other ventures he never completed that project. Now a new idea came to him and the new game is called "The Holy Quest." This does not mean the other games will not be produced, but for the time being they were placed on the back burner and the Holy Quest board game took the center stage.

After doing much research in the Catholic board game industry, Matt quickly realized there were not that many Catholic games, let alone great Catholic games. So he started working very hard in coming up with a game that will change all that once and for all. That is how The Holy Quest was born.

Matt started working very hard on the idea and by the end of the year he had all the rough graphics for this new idea saved on his hard drive. Now it was time to get to work. The goal is to have the game available to Catholic families by Christmas 2024.

Lorens said "The Holy Quest is a game I wish I would've had when I was a kid. I want Catholic families to enjoy the game and have the kids learn at the same time. But there is much more to it. The game should build and strengthen the bonds between parents and children and the siblings as well. Even grandparents should participate. And there is another great aspect to this game. It educates and promotes religious orders and life. That may also contribute to vocations which are so much needed in our world today. Even though the game is entertaining and fun to play it can have profound influence on the lives of young people of different age groups. At the very core of it all lies the salvation of souls. And if this game can contribute to the salvation of even one young soul, it is worth the effort."