Help us get this game produced!

Traditio Designs, LLC is a small Catholic company with big ideas. Making this first Catholic board game a reality was a challenge. Now that the game is ready for production we need help in this last and final step. Producing a high quality board game like the Holy Quest is an expensive process. This is why we need help from donors and investors in this final step.

Help us support this game. We are asking for generous donations toward our fundraiser. Anyone who participates and donates to this great cause will enable us to produce the game of the Holy Quest. We need to raise money for the production and we are asking all Catholics to participate. There are mutiple ways you can help us reach our goal. Please read below to find out all the ways you can help.

Anyone can donate any amount as small as $5 to bring us closer to our goal. Those who wish to also receive the Limited Edition of the game have to donate the minimum required amount. You can also download our flyer, print it out and give it to anyone who may be interested in getting this game. The most likely people who may be interested in this game are Catholic families, especially those with many children and those who homeschool.

Before you make your donation, we encourage you to learn all there is to know about it because we want you to feel good about your donation. We want you to get this great game for your children but we want you to get as much information as possible so you are well informed. Please visit the FAQ page to get answers to most of your questions and visit the General Info section to learn all there is to know about the Holy Quest.

How you can help

Donate on GiveSendGo

Getting the first Limited Edition of the game requires a minimum donation of $120 USD. Your donation will support the entire project and will also cover one copy of the game, packaging, handling, shipping and insurance. Your game will be shipped to you after our fundraiser campaign is closed. We expect to close the campaign by the end of 2024. The exact timing will depend on the generosity of our donors and how quickly we can reach our goal. All donors are entitled to multiple copies of the game for every increment of $120 with a limit of 3. So for example, if you donate $270 you are entitled to two copies of the game. Once you make your donation, you have to go to our Registration page and submit a request for the game. You will receive a confirmation from us that you are registered. Once we confirm your donation and match it to your registration, you will be notified that you are on our list. You can continue to come to this website and see any updates in our news section as well. We thank you for your donation.

For international donors, the minimum you have to donate is $160 USD. This covers your shipping and packaging fees along with insurance on your game. For multiple copies you have to increase your donation by increments of $160 with a maximum limit of 3. Please know that when we ship your game(s), we will declare the value of the item and your country may impose a tax and duty charge that we are not responsible for.

Send us a check

If you do not wish to donate online but would still like to support us and even get the game. You can write and mail us a check. Please make your check payable to Traditio Designs, LLC

In the Memo section on your check, please write "the Holy Quest donation"

Please include a note with your check and indicate if you wish to receive the game for your donation ($120 minimum requirement per game with a limit of 3 per donor). Also include the full mailing address where the game is to be shipped. Lastly, include your email address and phone number where you can be reached to confirm your game registration.

Please mail your check to:
Traditio Designs, LLC
168 Rosa Mystica Dr.
Edmeston, NY 13335

Download and print out our flyer

We appreciate all who wish to participate in helping us reach our goal. Not everyone may want to support us directly. But you can still help us reach countless families by printing our flyer and giving it to friends and family. You can also print our flyers and leave them in your church so people can find out about our game which is a great tool to teach the faith.

Click on the link below and get the flyer, and thank you for spreading the word.

Download and print out our promotion cards

You can also print our promotion cards which you can give out to anyone you think may be interested in getting this game as well as helping in its production. This PDF file is two pages. You need to print page one first, then flip the page upside down and print page two. This way you will have a professionally looking set of 6 Holy Quest promotional cards. You have to cut these out once you print them on both sides. We recommend you print these on card stock thicker paper instead of a regular thin printer paper.

Click on the link below and get the promotional cards PDF and thank you for spreading the word.