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Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is a Memory Trivia game by Traditio Designs, LLC. The game uses the popular memory game approach but it combines it with trivia questions. The subject of the game is the apparitions of Mary from around the world.

The game comes with two decks of square cards and can be played with one deck or both decks for a more challenging game. Younger kids should play with one deck and older children can use both. There are 40 pairs of cards in each deck for a total of 160 cards. Additionally, there are wild cards of Angels. For older children the trivia cards are brought into the game to make the game educational and even more challenging. Every Marian apparition trivia card comes with 6 questions and answers to challenge players. The player with the most Immaculate hearts at the end of the game wins.

What's in the Box?


This game uses one die. We chose a blue marbleized die that represents Heaven and blue which is the color often associated with the Mother of God.

Box insert

The box insert is meticulously crafted and houses two silver tin boxes filled with memory cards.

Trivia Card Front Trivia Card Back

Forty trivia cards are included for the advanced play option. Using these cards will teach players all about the different apparitions of Mary.