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Saints in Armor is more of a strategic board game. The game uses many saints who were soldiers or known to wear an armor. Other saints who are often depicted with weapons like swords, shields or arrows and spears are also included in this game. In addition to the saints four archangels are also included in this game. Players can pick any saint and become that saint during the game..

During the game players have to travel and collect spiritual weapons such as the Holy Rosary, the Brown Scapular or the Miraculous Medal. On their quest to collect these weapons players can be attacked by demons and they can even lose their weapons and will need to get them back. As the game progresses they can also get help from the four archangels, St. Christopher and St. Joseph.

The game concept is already done but this game is not yet as far in development as our other games. We will be posting updates here on our progress.